12: Amy Wirtz & Why Valuation Metrics Matter to Family Businesses

Find out all about generational transfers, valuation metrics for family business, and so much more on this week’s Build Value By Choice. Host Nana Bonsu of Infinite Horizons is joined by Amy Wirtz, consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group, specializing in shareholder value enhancement. Hear all about the work Amy does and her advice for exit planning in your business.

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Family businesses only have a 30% success rate through the second generation, 12% through the third generation, and 3% through the fourth generation and beyond.

You need a true valuation of your business even if you’re just passing it along to the next generation due to tax laws.

Most of the families Amy works with don’t know that your valuation formula or metric can be different for different reason.

You should make sure that the valuation of your business and the next steps for the business aren’t a surprise to your family in the event of an unexpected death. You should make these things readily available to your family, updating them as and when.

CEOs are often not getting advice before they go to board meetings and get grilled on why they’re not getting the expected ROI.

Some of the most successful family businesses change what they do. The world changes so your business must be able to do that too.



‘The issues of sweat equity and taxation drive how we define how we’re going to value a business’

‘Waiting until after your dead until after you’re dead for your family to find out what happens to your business is cowards’

‘Good shareholder stewardship must involve knowledge of value’

‘We no longer count liquidity as failure’



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Amy Wirtz is a consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group specializing in shareholder value enhancement, business planning processes, and transition implementation of management, leadership or ownership of a business. Her passion stems from growing up in her grandparents’ second-generation business, surrounded by the wonderfully complex matters a family business presents.

Amy brings a diverse range of experience to family enterprises by serving in various roles such as an exit-planning advisor, collaborative lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, lecturer, and teacher. While no longer practicing law, today Amy focuses on providing creative solutions to family business engagements and presenting to relevant audiences. She also helps business owners use their advisors as a resource team to create optimal value.

Amy serves on the Advisory Board for NewComer Farms located in Bryan, Ohio; M&D Farms located in Napolean, Moore Industries in Montpeliar, OH, and Neal’s Design in Cincinnati, OH. She frequently speaks on the topic of business succession at conferences including the Jellystone Symposium (2019,2018); Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds National Conference (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016); Carolina Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds Conference (2018, 2017); the Ohio Campground Association Conference (2018), and the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners Conference (2018) expo. Other speaking engagements include Executive Women in Agriculture in November of 2017 and 2016, Top Producers Farm Journal 2017, and the Ohio State University Extension Woman in Agriculture Conference in March 2019 and 2015.



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