81: A Happy and Healthy CEO Means a Happy Team and Happy Customers: Anne Hill’s Journey to Empowering CEOs to Create Thriving Agencies

Today’s guest is Anne Hill, creator of Hilltop Virtual Solutions. Anne and host Nana Bonsu will be discussing business operations. We will explore how business owners can thrive by leveraging their zone of genius, optimizing assistance processes, conducting data analysis, managing teams, and improving overall business owner health. Join us as Anne shares her expertise and insights on these important topics.


  • After suffering from burnout, Anne took her experience building processes, teams and businesses in the healthcare space and started her own business. While Anne started as a Physical Therapist and Rehab Manager, she now spends her days rehabbing and restoring businesses. 
  • In the medical world it’s easy to see if you’re healthy or if you’re sick, whereas in the business world you can’t necessarily see if your company is healthy or if there is something wrong. There’s no set guide to what a successful business is. 
  • To run a healthy business you need to be healthy yourself as the business owner. We see so many business owners work constantly, continuously trying to grow, and try to wear too many hats at once. We need to learn to let go of some control to allow ourselves that space to take care of our own personal needs. 
  • As your business grows you need to keep track of how your increasing team size will affect your profits. What is the breaking point where the cost of hiring more staff will overtake the growth in your business financially. 
  • When hiring you need to have a clear understanding of what specific role they are there to do and how it will compliment your zone of genius. To avoid a revolving door in your hiring, you need to find someone who fits in with your business culture and values so they’ll be there for the long haul. 
  • Anne’s key piece of information for growing your business is having that foundational structure in place so that when you are building and growing, not everything revolves around you as a business owner doing it yourself. 

‘It took me a while to notice everything I did as a rehab manager correlates to what small businesses need’
‘There needs to be a line of when is business time and when is personal time’
‘When the business owner is taking care of themselves the better shape the business is in’
‘It’s all in looking at the data and the metrics’

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Anne Hill has had the desire to help others for as long as she can remember. She spent over 15 years in the Physical Therapy field, where she thrived at managing the operations side of the business, along with supporting multiple other rehabilitation managers in the area. Anne went on to create Hilltop Virtual Solutions, an agency dedicated to fine tuning and streamlining the way companies run. As she became more familiar with the online space, Anne noticed business owners needed guidance and a sounding board for their entrepreneurial vision. She received her Director of Operations Certificate, and discovered the perfect way to match her expertise with the services her clients need. Hilltop Virtual Solutions covers it all: from hiring and training new employees, to establishing a solid and long-lasting foundation.

Hosted by Nana Bonsu of Infinite Horizons, this show aims to serve small business owners who want to grow their businesses while reducing their own personal involvement. We do this through a combination of interviews with industry leaders, and host presentations. We are certified value builder advisors and leverage a statistically proven methodology to help clients such as you scale or transition their business to the next chapter.
We care for our listeners and see their dreams as our own. We aim to foster a community that embraces freedom, generosity, and integrity. This is a show by entrepreneurs and business owners for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Nana Bonsu:
“I am an entrepreneur and ex-Corporate Executive who’s applying his experience and knowledge from working in various ways to pursue my passion of helping small business owners increase their choices in life by leveraging my knowledge and experience, their employees, systems and money. I help small business owners transform their business and increase value through action-oriented education and implementation of strategies and tactics to make their business sellable even if they are not planning on selling. Known for establishing an environment for personal growth and development. My multicultural background equips me with the intuitive understanding of different cultures and how they impact business owners.”
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