83: The Gift of Pain with Tony Kitchens: The Inspiring Story of The Highs and Lows of a 30-Year Business Career

Tony Kitchens is our guest today. He’s a speaker, author, and entrepreneur who believes in transforming fear and pain into fuel for an amazing life. With the book “The Gift of Pain,” Tony inspires as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. His companies have generated over $100 million in revenue and serviced multinational corporations worldwide. He’s on a mission to share his wisdom globally.


  • The Gift of Pain is a story of entrepreneurship, mental toughness, and above all the power of charting a path of your own choosing in life. It will teach you how to find the courage and strength to reach for your dreams.
  • One of the lessons Tony learned from the global pandemic was to plan as much as you can but be open to changing those plans when the situation changes. You can’t allow yourself to be defeated when you face challenges, you have to rise and overcome them. 
  • Through Tony’s philanthropic work he and his family helped put 37 Kenyan children who had never had any education before through school. They even built water systems and an entire technology center at a school there. Thanks to Tony the students had access to laptops for the first time and the local community could use them as well. 
  • The 5 key takeaways Tony wants you to take from his story are: 1. Build your mindset. Don’t give your mind the opportunity to talk you out of your dreams. 2. Have faith. The biggest rewards come after the biggest leaps of faith. 3. Face the pain. Embrace adversity and challenge as opportunities to dig deeper and grow more. 4. Channel your strength. Learn to draw on past pleasure and pain to move through life. 5. Cultivate the future. You never know when the seeds you plant will grow, so tend carefully.

‘Closing a business is way more difficult than starting one’
‘I wanted other people to see tough situations and how the pain can propel us’
‘Never in your business plans did you ever see a situation where global trade would stop’
‘What can you do for others outside of your space’
‘It’s not about them as business owners, it’s about what they can do to serve the greater good’



Tony Kitchens is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur who has experienced highs and lows in both his personal life and his business. He believes that everyone can change their perspective on fear, pain, and current circumstances and use them as fuel to create an amazing life. Tony is the author of a book entitled “The Gift of Pain,” an entrepreneur, and philanthropist. The companies Tony founded have generated more than $100 million in revenue and serviced the largest multinational corporations in the world. Tony is on a mission to help as many people around the world through the wisdom he shares using his various platforms.

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