45: How Changes in Delivering Work Impacts Valuation & What Systems will Ensure a Successful Long-term Exit With Darryl Bates-Brownsword

This week’s topic is how the nature of delivering work has changed, its impact on valuation and what systems need to be in place for businesses to ensure a successful long-term exit. To discuss these issues, Nana is joined on Build Value By Choice by Darryl Bates-Brownsword, host of the Exit Insights podcast. 

The nature of delivering work has changed over the last couple of years as people are seeking more balance when it comes to working from home and with modern systems like Teams and Zoom we can stay connected during the work day. This saves on things like travel time and can lead to employees using that saved time to be more productive. 
If a business is systemized then you can demonstrate that work is being done when your team is working remotely. When we have areas of the business that aren’t systemized, then we cannot prove that the work is being done, which can affect value. If you can prove the systems work then it might actually increase the value of your business. 
Businesses that are dependent on the owners daily involvement then it is considered a risk by potential buyers. 
 The systems you need in place are production, workflow, induction and onboarding, and finally financing and reporting.


‘It encourages people to get paid for the job they do, not just showing up’ 

‘People are looking to acquire your business because it’s an investment’ 

‘I can see some commercial areas being rezoned’ 



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Darryl Bates-Brownsword is the host of the Exit Insights podcast. He is based in Oxford in the UK, and he’s on a mission to help business owners to learn that if they want to get the most from their life’s work and exit on their own terms, then they need to prepare their business (and themselves) for exit.


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