58: Investing in Personal Development with Orrin Lieuwen

Today’s guest Orrin Lieuwen is a mindset guide who helps frustrated and overwhelmed entrepreneurs and business owners understand how they create their beliefs and emotions and how to change them to make better results. Tune into Build Value By Choice as Nana and Orrin discuss the gains you can make in your business by investing in personal development.



  • A business is made of people, if you want to improve the business then you should work on improving the people. Personal development is the root that allows businesses to grow inside and out.
  • Your self-concept is essentially how you think about yourself, this is made up of all the different self-beliefs you hold. This could be around a fear of failure or a lack of productivity. By changing how we think about ourselves, it removes the mental blocks that stand in our way.
  • You can’t fix what you don’t know, so if you never delve into what you believe about yourself, you’ll never be able to change and get a better outcome.
  • When you’re stressed and overwhelmed, try to be intentional and not get lost in your feelings. Be intelligent about your feelings and emotions and learn what causes them and how to deal with them.
  • If you want to make incremental changes, change your behaviours. If you want to make a quantum change, change your paradigms, and the way you’re looking at things.



‘So much of the work is done in the subconscious’

‘Outsource your thinking so I can help you improve your work’

‘Values are your desires. How are you going to pursue them outside your business’


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