68: How to Modernize Your Marketing with direct mail marketing software called Postalytics

In today’s podcast, we are going to be talking with a distinguished gentleman about how to modernize your marketing with direct mail marketing software called Postalytics. Our guest today is Dennis Kelly. Dennis Kelly is the CEO of Postalytics, a fast-growing direct mail automation software company that helps marketers do more in less time with streamlined production integration into the marketing tech stack and real-time direct mail campaign tactic.



  • Business people receive over 120 emails per day. The average Gmail account contains over 8,000 messages. Postalytics helps you stand out by delivering personalized messages directly into the hands of your audience to form a deeper impression than email alone.
  • Automated direct mail marketing is radically shaking up the old, tradition-bound world of direct mail marketing. It uses new technology to enable direct mail to be used in conjunction with, and just as easily as, digital marketing channels like email.
  • The number one concern of marketers is seeing a decline in their email open rates. Number two is that they’re seeing a rise in their cost of digital marketing. Then number three, there’s a lot of uncertainty around the privacy issues associated with email and digital marketing.
  • If you make direct mail marketing very personalized, easy to use and a part of the technology that most businesses are now investing in to control their marketing, whether it’s CRM or a marketing automation tool, then all of a sudden direct mail’s a very viable channel.



‘When some folks are getting success, everybody piles in and then spends, and spends’

‘It was very hard to have your message stand out or be distinguished’

‘Doing a startup is a marathon, but it feels like a marathon made up of a bunch of sprints that are all tied together’





Dennis Kelly – CEO – Postalytics | LinkedIn

Postalytics | LinkedIn




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Dennis Kelly is CEO of Postalytics, a fast-growing direct mail automation software company. Postalytics helps marketers do more in less time with streamlined production, integration into the marketing tech stack and real time direct mail campaign analytics. Postalytics is Dennis’ 6th startup. He has been involved in starting and growing early-stage technology ventures for over 30 years.




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