70: How to Effectively Use LinkedIn to Acquire Prospects And Customers

Relationship Building & Networking is a key strategy for acquiring customers and strategic partnerships. It can be done in person or virtual. In the modern day of pandemics and globalization, virtual networking mastery and participation is a must for any business owner. One platform that helps with business networking is LinkedIn. In this episode, Daniel Alfon joins us from Israel to share how to discuss what business owners need to know to leverage their LinkedIn presence to get leads and strategic partnerships.


  • Every second 3 people sign up to LinkedIn, adding to its almost 900 million strong user base. Using it as a networking tool is almost essential in today’s world to gain referrals. 
  • LinkedIn is also one of the best business search tools out there if you need to identify someone in the right position within a company to start a conversation with. You can reach out without asking anything. 
  • Daniel’s four tips for business owners using Linkedin are: 1. Optimize your LinkedIn presence. Look at your profile and ask yourself who you want to attract, what action would you like them to take when they see you, and are you making it as easy as possible for them to understand why you are part of the solution. 
  • 2. Optimize your network. Do you want to be the most connected or the best connected? You need to choose quantity or quality, they are mutually exclusive. 
  • 3. How do you want to share content on LinkedIn? Are you sharing and repurposing your content for your audience? For example if you share a podcast, don’t tell people the answer they will find in there, but give them a question that encourages them to listen to find out the answer. 
  • 4. Lead generation. That is what you are there to do, get connecting and networking with people you want to work with. 


‘I’ve made all the mistakes you can make when it comes to LinkedIn’

‘The most important thing you need to invest your time in is networking’ 

‘Just uploading a banner puts you above 95% of other users’




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Daniel Alfon is the author of “Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success”.

Daniel joined LinkedIn in early 2004, which means he has made all the mistakes you can imagine but came back to tell what works! Today, Daniel’s clients get results organically: No need to spam people when seeking promotion or job hunting. Absolutely no need to share 24/7 when growing your business. Plus you don’t have to become someone else, because LinkedIn is here to serve you – and not the other way around. Daniel publishes articles, interviews and exclusive content about advanced LinkedIn strategies to clients and subscribers on his


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