76: Transforming your Business Through Intentional Relationships and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Are you tired of the traditional networking methods that fail to bring real value to your business? In this episode, Nana interviews the owner of a business to business networking group that operates on an invitational basis. Discover how this unique approach to networking leads to predictable results from word of mouth marketing and real business growth. Clay Hicks is an entrepreneur with a portfolio of 5 different companies, including H7 Network and he is on the podcast today. 



  • H7 Network is a networking hub for the following values and principles, these are: Connect – Serve – Ask – Influence – Focus – Champion –  and Win-Win.
  • H7 network is an invitation only group to prevent those who just want to sell to the room from joining. Clay wants to build a community of people who really want to work with each other and grow each other’s businesses. 
  • The key to transforming your business is not just having customers, it’s the relationships you build with those customers, with your staff, with your team, with your prospects. Having people know that you’re reliable, trustworthy, and good to work with is more valuable than any marketing strategy you can have. 
  • Connect, serve, and ask is the philosophy behind how Clay builds relationships with people in one on one business meetings. Simply put it’s building a relationship, then giving them something they need, then asking them for something that you need. The connection part is the most important and that’s why it comes first. 
  • The real success in networking is becoming a champion for other people and them being a champion for you. It’s about finding someone who is intentionally active in networking your skills to other people, instead of waiting for those opportunities to arise. 



‘We’re looking for a very strong community of professionals who want to grow their businesses, who also want to work with other people’

‘We had over 1000 visitors to our community all through word-of-mouth, not a single dollar spent on marketing’ 

‘I keep smarter people around me than myself’

‘It’s not just who you know, it’s how you know them’




Clay Hicks – CEO and Founder – H7 Network | LinkedIn


H7 Network




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Clay Hicks is an entrepreneur with a portfolio of 5 different companies, an author, a speaker, and trainer on professional relationships. Clay Hicks founded his first company, H7 Network in 2008 with the hopes of positively impacting the many under-served entrepreneurs and sales professionals. His vision is to globally revolutionize the way business professionals “Connect” first, “Serve” with purpose, and “Ask” of their peers. H7 Network, a Franchisor, is a national B2B networking platform, In person and Virtual, for professionals to build their own audience and develop champions for their business. His responsibility as the CEO/Founder is to innovate new programs, develop new markets internationally, training and development, implementing new processes for retention, business and relationship development overall. H7 Network currently has members in 45 states, as well as Canada, Australia, England, Croatia, El Salvador, Columbia, Philippines, Italy, and India.




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