17: Meeting Your Goals Through Market Strategy with Heather Baker Steele and Randi Skinner

Are you trying to create brand awareness? Generate leads? And develop an overall marketing strategy that increases the value of the business so it can sell for more? This week on Build Value By Choice, Nana is joined bymarketing experts Heather Baker Steele and Randi Skinner. Find out how Heather and Randi help business owners increase the value of the business to meet their goals through marketing strategy.


One of the greatest misconceptions business owners have is that their marketing tool doesn’t work. It’s more likely that your strategy is either focusing on the wrong objective or the wrong audience. It’s not the tool that’s wrong, it’s everything leading up to that point. 
A mistake business owners make is to try to appeal to everyone with your marketing and only do it for a short time. Randi and Heather would tell them to take a step back and target a more specific group for a longer period of time. You should spend time defining your brand persona and audience persona. 
Step one of their five step process is to look at what your vision for your organization is. What does the next five to ten years look like? Are you looking to increase in size? Are you looking to sell? etc. Essentially, why does the business exist and what is your role in it? 
Step two is about clarifying what value is for a business owner. There is market value but what is the value of the business to you as an owner? It’s a question of internal value versus market value.  
Step three is about creating vision informed business goals, what do you need to be achieving to reach those goals. 
Step four is analyzing the metrics, looking at those internal and external numbers to do with budgets and client retention etc. Step five is what are your benchmarks and your goals, and working out how can you best fulfill those? 
As a business you need to embody your values from the top to the bottom. If that doesn’t happen authentically then it can hurt your brand. A large business such as Walmart can probably get away with it, but as a small business you need to show that you practice what you preach. 




‘We look at it from the standpoint of what do you want the business to do for you’

‘There’s work you can do on your own before you invest in someone coming in’ 

‘The theme of last year was Pivot’



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Heather Baker Steele founded Blue Steele Solutions 10 years ago because she was tired of seeing great companies and great people fail just because they couldn’t clearly communicate their value. They help businesses grow with clear messaging and effective, lead-generating websites. Every business needs a great website — it’s their most valuable digital marketing resource. The problem is, not all websites are created equally. They specialize in websites that not only look great, but say the right things to turn website visitors into sales leads. They can help you with a new website or refreshing your existing site so that it becomes your most valuable digital marketing tool.

Randi Skinner is the Master of Marketing, Architect of Sales, Passionate Rotarian, and the lady you need to talk to when you need to Get Things Done!

She left her marketing career and launched RS Consulting because she was tired of seeing businesses struggle when it comes to marketing due to lack of planning, not knowing how to get started and not focused on data driven results. Randi’s mission is to help you go from Hot Mess To Industry Success with Your Value Building Strategy and Expert CMO.




Hosted by Nana Bonsu of Infinite Horizons, this show aims to serve small business owners who want to grow their businesses while reducing their own personal involvement. We do this through a combination of interviews with industry leaders, and host presentations. We are certified value builder advisors and leverage a statistically proven methodology to help clients such as you scale or transition their business to the next chapter. 

We care for our listeners and see their dreams as our own. We aim to foster a community that embraces freedom, generosity, and integrity. This is a show by entrepreneurs and business owners for entrepreneurs and business owners. 




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