75: Top Criteria for Businesses to Consider When Choosing a Technology Vendor

This week host Nana Bonsu will be exploring technology procurement and vendor selection from an inspirational perspective with today’s guest Gregory Klein-Herzel. We’re going to hear his story, some of the key strategies he has for business success, and unlock some of the secrets that help contribute to the financial performance of companies through smart information technology procurement and vendor selection.




  • Greg is always in the process of vetting technology companies to create approved vendor lists. Because of this when a client needs help being matched to the right resources, 75% of the process is already done.
  • You need an expert in each line of technology these days, you need someone who knows that technological language. Unfortunately there are more bad than good around and you need to know who to trust, that’s where Greg comes in.
  • The fees involved for tech companies being connected with clients through Greg all pay the same amount, this means that there is no preferential treatment for a bigger cheque. Businesses and vendors really are connectedfor the right reasons, not on a financial basis.
  • The top five factors businesses should consider when choosing a technology vendor are your own business operations and your ability to implement changes. Integrating those technologies into your already existing systems. Your budget. The personality of the company you are hiring. And finally the ethics of your business and the vendors.
  • Red flags to look out for when looking for a technology vendor are when they don’t know their own limitations, they’re just saying yes to everything you ask. Remember technology is only as good as the people implementing it, the people behind the sales people can be a red flag if they’re not the right people with the wrong ethics.




‘I’m an avid believer that a business and individual can be defined by the people they’re surrounded with’

‘We play matchmaker with companies and technology vendors and see who fits together best’

‘One thing I’ve learned on this journey is that every business is unique’

‘We’re trying to make it a win-win for everyone’

‘Technology is an art, not an exact science. There are a million ways to solve tech problems’










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Gregory Klein-Herzel leads ConnectivTech, a Fractional CTO organization specializing in I.T. procurement & vendor selection. With over 100 vetted and approved technology experts/companies, ConnectivTech carefully matches the best fit, approved vendor/s to the companies they help. ConnectivTech offers a complementary service to vet technology companies and match them with the organizations they help.




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