23: An Investor’s Perspective on the Mergers and Acquisition Market for Small Business Owners

Krystof Bartos works in Europe and specializes in acquisitions and mergers, he is author of e-book “Survive & Thrive – 10 Very Little Known Strategies & Tactics To Sell, Turn Around And Exponentially Grow Any Business”. He joins Nana this week on Build Value By Choice to tell you about the work he does and give you valuable tips on mergers and acquisitions as someone on the other side of the table.



Top 10 strategies and tactics covered in “10 Very Little Known Strategies & Tactics To Sell, Turn Around And Exponentially Grow Any Business”:
Cash is king.
Build a business that can thrive without you.
What is your exit strategy?
Use partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions to exponentially grow your business.
Use compounding in your business and bust your targets.
Public markets are not only for the big companies.
“New kid on a block effect” to turn around your business.
Turn your bad paying customers into enormous opportunities.
Success business blueprint.
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

You should be thinking about your exit strategy at least three years before selling. If you’re in a position to sell your business and you haven’t got an exit strategy, then you’ve fallen behind.
When you’re looking to sell, do our research about what kind of offers you can expect. use online tools like BizBuySell to see the values of other similar companies and those located near you.
Are you working in the business? With customers and other employees. Or are you working on the business? Growing the value of the business. If you are not an integral part of your business, your business will be more attractive to purchasers because they will not need to replace you.
When comparing your business with others, don’t look at public companies. These will typically be valued a lot higher.





‘You are selling the business not yourself’

‘The business is the product, not the product being the business’

‘Work on the business not in the business’




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