29: How Businesses Can Grow Faster With Acquisitions With Krystof Bartos

The topic this week is how business owners can change their mindsets when it comes to ways in which they can grow faster with acquisitions. Krystof Bartos is an investor with a vast portfolio of companies with over $500,000 in revenue and he joins Nana this week on Build Value By Choice. Find out how mergers and acquisitions work, how they can help your business, and how you can change your mindset towards them. 


There are already so many other companies that have all the things you need and can solve all the problems you need to be solved. And likewise you will have the solutions to other companies’ problems. If there is an acquisition or a partnership, then you both have access to the means of solving your problems. 
Bigger companies are considered less risky to investors.
Acquisitions can not only help you get around infrastructure challenges, but also to increase your reach into new markets and territories. 
If you’re looking to grow the revenue of your business, think about your product or service, what your customers are buying before your product, instead of your product, what else they’re buying as well as your product, and what they’re buying after. You can then look at other products you can sell to them or partner with another company and agree on a percentage you get from cross selling. 
It’s better to have one holding company that manages the businesses you have acquired instead of one company doing it all. Separate entities under one umbrella will usually be more valuable. 



‘I was always trying to solve things with organic growth’ 

‘It was a game changer for myself personally’

‘If it’s not profitable, then it’s not worth much’ 



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