3: Vision Baseline – Future Vision Check Every Business Owner Needs To Know

In this episode, host Nana Bonsu kicks things off by continuing on from episode one’s story of Miles, a fictitious business person trying to create the right balance between the urgencies of today, and creating a sense of urgency for the long-term value of his business. Three years from now will he still want to be in the same place he’s in right now? What are the steps he can take to solve problems that will arise?

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If the vision of your business is not well constructed, then problems in your business ecosystem compound and that could hinder your ability to achieve financial independence in the future. 
If you’re having trouble finding that fire and that vision for your business it’s always worth considering hiring a facilitator to help you craft that vision. 
Think, what are the biggest problems that will get in the way of your five-year vision? And if these obstacles and changes were removed, what opportunities would open up for you. 
The core for stimulating your business is having customers who are delighted and will return and recommend you and your services to others. 
What current problem would you like your business to solve? Who is most affected by this problem? Where are they located? And what is the impact of the problem being solved? Answering these questions will make your story more compelling. 



‘What does it look like when your vision becomes a reality’

‘Your business is more than the sum of its parts’

‘What do you value most and what do you want your life to look like’







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