34: Qualified Labor Shortage & Owner Dependency Effects

In this episode, Nana discusses the qualified labor shortage and its effects on making a business more and more dependent on an owner and its key employees. Not only this, but the shortage may also be affecting your businesses ability to expand. If you want your business to survive, you need to find a way to overcome these challenges. 


Small business owners are spending more time dealing with labor issues than they did before. Quality and cost of labor have been the top two concerns for small business owners up until now. Inflation has overtaken that concern and is now the main concern. 
Because the supply of quality employees is low and the demand for them is high, that means that wage demands are going to go up. 
Some questions to ask yourself before the next episode are: How easy would it be to replace your most important sales and marketing employee? 
If you are a product company, how easy would it be to replace your most important product design employee? 
If you are a service company, how easy would it be to replace your service design employee? 
How much of your company’s revenue are you responsible for?
Has your business ever struggled to find quality labor and if so why?



‘The competition for talent is heating up’ 

‘Employees are the biggest assets of a business’



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