4: Necessary Endings – an Interview with Chuck Andrews

In this episode, host Nana Bonsu is joined by Chuck Andrews to talk about the lessons we can learn from the book “Necessary Endings”. Hear Chuck’s advice on starting out, reaping the benefits of your hard work, and working out when the right exit point is for you to allow you to live a free life. 

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It may be an unpleasant topic but sometimes you need to prune your business. This means trimming off parts of your business that aren’t working or profitable, and members of your workforce who may not have the skills to be a benefit to the company. Kicking these problems down the road will ultimately get in the way of your business success. 
Don’t burn bridges, or in other words, make sure you end well. How you go about ending any business relationship is very important. Weather it’s making sure an employee who has been let go feels like they can go on to something better for them, or a client who just isn’t profitable any more. 
It’s critical to be in touch with reality. Only having a few clients who are your entire business model could leave you open to losing everything if something changes. Putting all your eggs in one basket can leave you vulnerable. 



‘Wise people tend to learn, foolish people don’t’ 

‘There are seasons of life for everything’

‘Too often we repeat the same wrong behaviors over and over’








Chuck Andrews is a well-known expert on the subject of lessons from the book “Necessary Endings” for the business owner. He has graciously consented to this interview to share with us the beginners’ guide in this area so every business owner can understand how to get started, reap the benefits of your hard work, and exit your business at the right moment in time without any regret.



“I am an entrepreneur and ex-Corporate Executive who’s applying his experience and knowledge from working in various to pursue my passion of helping small business owners increase their choices in life by leveraging my knowledge and experience, their employees, systems and money. I help small business owners transform their business and increase value through action-oriented education and implementation of strategies and tactics to make their business sellable even if they are not planning on selling. Known for establishing an environment for personal growth and development. My multicultural background equips me with the intuitive understanding of different cultures and how they impact business owners.”

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