41: Why The Giant Job Boards Are Getting It Wrong And What Business Owners Can Do About It

Attracting and retaining qualified and skilled labor is among the biggest problems for business wonders today. Scott Dettman is an expert in pairing talent with businesses and job openings, he joins Nana this week on Build Value By Choice to discuss what you as a business owner can do when the giant job boards are getting it wrong.

Scott doesn’t believe that we have a talent problem, he sees it as a translation problem between potential and impact. More than 4 million people graduate from college each year in the US alone and people are staying in work for longer. The math of not having enough qualified people just doesn’t make sense.
Avenica works with tens of thousands of candidates every year and casts a very wide net. Those people are then evaluated on their core beliefs that will make them a good fit for a company, the skills are a secondary consideration. 
If you get the right person with the hunger to learn and grow in the right industry, then the skills and development can all be taught. You can’t teach someone to be the right fit for a business but you can teach them to do a job. 
Scott doesn’t believe that resumes are a good way of appraising candidates as they don’t show the potential of the person at all. If you’re not looking at resumes for your job opening then having a longer application process can filter out the people who are not really interested and get you more relevant information about the people who do apply. 
Do you want applications from someone who has applied to 200 jobs in the last 10 minutes using easy apply on Indeed or do you want the person who has taken the time to really put across that they’re right for you. Scott believes that if someone jumps through all the hoops, they’re a person worth talking to. 


‘Leaders are rarely experts and experts are rarely leaders’ 

‘It’s about matching behaviors to environment’ 

‘Self selecting out of the job is a reason why someone might not apply for your job’

‘Even asking someone for a 2 minute video about themself can filter out uninterested candidates’ 




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Avenica CEO Scott Dettman is a dynamic leader with a strong track record of driving growth through transformation and innovation in the human capital arena. Scott joined Avenica in 2019 following a six-year stint with ManpowerGroup that included progressive leadership roles spanning analytics and transformation to general management and business development. Scott has a master’s degree and Ph.D. (ABD) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and completed an Executive Leadership program at Harvard Business School.


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