42: Business Owner Work/Life Imbalance

If you weren’t working so much, what would you do with all that free time? Jason Wojo of Lifeonaire joins Nana this week on Build Value By Choice to talk about how as a business owner you should be prioritizing your life over work in the work/life balance conversation. Find out why more isn’t always better when it comes to money and why work milestones aren’t the destination, they’re the vehicle that moves your life to where you want it to be. 

Lifeonaire is a Christian-based life and business coaching organization dedicated to helping people live truly abundant and prosperous lives. A millionaire is someone who has a lot of money; a Lifeonaire is someone who has something much more valuable…a lot of life. Many have achieved great wealth, but few with great wealth have also achieved great lives. They help people make more, work less, and create lives and businesses they love.
We live in a culture that glorifies grinding and overworking yourself, often to the point of burnout. 
Jason’s advice is to set a roadmap of where you want to go in life, what are all the different components that lead you to your goal, for example spirituality, family, and work. Your vision gives you your ‘why’. 
SEAD stands for Strategic, Elimination, Automation, and Delegation.
You never delegate something you can automate, and never automate something you can eliminate. 
If you’re a one person operation then what will happen to your business if you’re out of action for a while. The more automated your systems are then the easier it is for you to step away from your business. 
The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) is a phenomenon that states that roughly 80% of outcomes come from 20% of causes. 


‘I know a lot of Lifeonaires who are millionaires but know very few millionaires who are Lifeonaires’

‘Life first, business second’ 

‘The business is supposed to be the vehicle to get you to the destination that is the life you want’ 


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Jason first came to Lifeonaire as a student in 2009. On the surface he appeared successful and by most external measures, looked to be “living the dream”. But behind closed doors he was unhappy, stressed, overworked, and desperate to live on his own terms. 

With the help of Lifeonaire, Jason was able to turn everything around, reinvent himself and his business, and design a life of true joy, passion, fulfillment and freedom.

His gratitude for the Lifeonaire message and philosophy, along with his desire to empower and encourage others, led to him first becoming a Titanium coach, working with some of the country’s most successful business owners and investors, then lead event instructor, and now he runs the company as CEO. He has spoken and shared with audiences of all types worldwide, and has impacted the lives and legacies of thousands by walking them through the proven Lifeonaire process of creating a life and business they love…and you’re next!

He has been blessed with a beautiful wife, three daughters, a weiner dog named Rusty and lives in North Carolina. For fun he “lifts things up and puts them down”, plays electric guitar in the worship band at his church, and spends time with his family.


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