53: From Smartphone to Dumbphone – The Power of Disconnection with Rhett Acelar

Rhett is the owner and CEO of Historic Prints, an eCommerce company located in Portland Oregon. He joins Nana today on Build Value by Choice to discuss the power of disconnection and whether your smartphone has become a dumb phone, based on an article recently published in the Guardian.



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  • Historic Prints specializes in historical map and photo reproductions from throughout the world and antiquity that create a unique link between past and present. This merges Rhett’s two passions of art and history.
  • All technologies have pros and cons. For Rhett, smartphones became more of a con when the usefulness was outweighed by how distracting it is. When your phone is taking time away from your children, is it really worth the pros anymore?
  • Rhett went to his phone store and asked for the dumbest phone they had. It was a throwback to the 2000s with the flip-up screen and everything. It made him feel so free, ditching his iPhone for something simpler.
  • Rhett has been smartphone free for three years now, except for using it for two-step authentication.
  • If you don’t want to go fully smartphone free, be considerate of what apps you put on your phone. Is it just a distraction? Or does it actually have a use that doesn’t outweigh its distraction level?



‘Do I want to set the example of my son seeing me on my phone all the time’

‘I felt rock bottom in my relationship with my smartphone’

‘If you want to get in contact with me, call me, I’ll actually answer and speak to you’



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Rhett is the owner and CEO of Historic Prints, an eCommerce company located in Portland Oregon.




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