54: All Things HR with Rick Maher

Today marks one whole year of Build Value By Choice, which is why we’re giving you a bonus episode. The guest in this special edition of the podcast is Rick Maher, CEO at Turning Point HCM, he’s here to talk about all things HR for your small to medium business and how you can get the HR support of a larger company on a fractional basis.


  • People, process, and procedure are the three keys to growing your business.
  • There are a lot of problems that small to medium size businesses can face because they don’t have proper HR support. These can be from compliance to employee issues such as hiring and firing. There are also problems with policy and procedure which allows the business to grow and scale well.
  • Company values have been a big part of Rick’s success. These are Family First. ​Growth is the only option. Freedom to manage your way in a changing environment. Can-do self reliant attitude. Capitalize on individual talents and behavioral styles.
  • Rick gave himself a job title, visionary, to try and work out what the business would look like in 8, 10, 15 years.
  • The company mission of Turning Point HCM is to release the pressure valve that builds in business owners whenever day to day HR issues pop-up. They create customized solutions for each client, starting fresh or building on what is already in place. Their team builds a customized solution tailored to meet the client’s objectives while focusing on price, service and doing what is best for the client, so it makes sense for the business and helps the owner put HR issues in the rear view mirror.


‘If I can find the right team members I can marry that big company HR support on a fractional basis’

‘I was guilty of the problems that I was trying to solve for my clients’

‘My motivation is laziness’


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