6: Which Health Insurance is Best for My Business – With Dr. Geoffrey Cox

In this episode of Build Value by Choice, host Nana Bonsu is joined by Director of Pharmacy at Georgetown University Hospital, Dr. Geoffrey Cox. Listen is as they go through some of the frequently asked questions from businesses around their biggest concern, health insurance. Dr Cox gives us his tips for choosing your healthcare plans and their benefits. 

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Health insurance costs have risen by 43% in the last decade and is listed as one the biggest concern of business owners over the last 29 years. 
The government has healthcare navigators who can help provide information to small business owners. 
There are two ways to go about healthcare for your company. There is the Obamacare route which uses generic versions of drugs which are reviewed and approved by the FDA, and the second is working directly with an insurance company. This option is more expensive but some have good reputations. 
Some insurance companies are not allowed to operate across state lines. 
Before deciding on a plan look at the number of employees you have, what kind of business you are, and your employee’s income level. 



‘The drugs used on Obamacare are at least 90% as good’

‘Generic products bring the price down’ 






Dr. Geoffrey Cox has been the Director of Pharmacy at Georgetown University Hospital for 15 years and is a Harvard University of Pharmacy graduate. 

If you want to get in touch with Dr. Cox for more information you can email him at RXCox@comcast.net



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