61: Misalignment of People Strategy With Business Strategy

Today on the show Nana is joined by Everet Bluth, President and Owner of IRI Consulting, LLC. Everet is on Build Value By Choice to discuss the misalignment of people and business strategy that causes major problems within businesses of all sizes. Everet is an expert in building a great business culture that allows employees to thrive and enjoy their work for long lasting careers. 


  • To ensure that your people strategy aligns with your business strategy you need to decide on what results you want and make sure everyone is on board with where you’re going. Once you know that you break it down into a strategy to help you get there. Then when you know that you can make ‘job targets’ to identify people who can achieve those strategies in their job role. 
  • Hiring someone new is always a risk, you don’t see who they are fully until they’re on the job. 
  • Most companies have to go to war with the talent they have right now with the current difficulties in hiring quality employees. If you can fit your existing employees into the roles you need done then that allows you to be as efficient as you can be. 
  • Some of the signs that your team may not be correctly aligned are productivity, missed deadlines, sub par products or services, and conflict and frustration in the workplace. 
  • Remember that under delegating is just as dangerous and over delegating. 

‘I stay out of the way until I need to jump in and help out’ 
‘If you do that right on the front end then the problems in the downstream will be fewer’
‘We work better when we understand our teammates’ 


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Everet is President and Owner of IRI Consulting, LLC. He joined IRI in 1996 as Chief Operating Officer and Director of Research, and assumed ownership of IRI in July 2009. During his tenure at IRI he has expanded the business on a global scale, serving companies in North and South America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
Prior to joining IRI, Everet was a Senior Management Consultant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas where he completed many internal consulting projects on both local and national levels. His leadership and work on a national project earned him the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President’s Award for Excellence and the United States Secretary of Treasury Award for Distinction in Financial Systems Improvements.
Everet holds a B.S. in Management Science and an MBA, majoring in Statistics/Decision Sciences. He was an adjunct professor at the University of Dallas’ Graduate School of Business. Using his fluency in Spanish, Everet has consulted extensively with clients throughout Latin America. Everet enjoys spending time with his family, woodturning, hiking, and horseback riding any chance he gets, to stay in touch with his roots.

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