67: How to Start a Niche Staffing Agency With Dan Steindler From CCR Search

Today we are going to be talking about human capital and to do that, Nana is joined by an expert to help us discuss this topic. Our guest today is Dan Steiner, an award-winning, top performing sales professional having sold delivery and recruitment services and technology to Fortune 1000 companies. After a 17 year career working for best in class technology firms, as well as 10 years selling to human resources and staffing and recruiting firms, he saw an opportunity to start his own recruiting firm to leverage his considerable network to align with candidates with the next great opportunity.


  • CCR Search is an executive recruiting firm primarily focusing on sales, marketing, finance, accounting and construction. Because of his background in sales, Dan knows how to spot really high performing sales executives and finds a lot of passion in helping individuals go from an organization to another to advance their career.
  • Ultimately why Dan started this is not only the joys of helping individuals and putting everybody together, but recruiting is a lot of fun. You get to do sales, you get to do sourcing and finding great people. You get to have constant conversations and in this virtual world that we’re all living in, it’s really nice to meet all types of people all across the country from all different backgrounds.
  • When it comes to recruiting, first off start with data so you know exactly what the market actually looks like. Then you need to craft information based off of that search. From there, you’re also going to leverage technology. Where can I automate, what tools can I use?
  • When looking to fill 10 positions and the pool of available workers is 5000, once you factor in all the things you’re looking for and that they’re looking for, you realize that the pool actually needs to be closer to 20,000. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so hard to fill positions.


‘I don’t pretend to be a lifelong recruiter. I don’t have a recruiting background. I have the sales background’

‘Everything starts with data’

‘Hire for the role, not for the title’


CCR Search

Dan Steindler – Founder – CCR Search | LinkedIn


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Dan is an award-winning top performing executive sales professional, having sold Recruitment solutions and Technology to the Fortune 1,000 in addition to managing multiple sales teams. After a 17-year career working for best-in-class technology firms as well as ten years selling to Human Resources and Staffing and Recruiting firms, he saw an opportunity to start his own Executive recruiting firm and to leverage his considerable network to align candidates with their next great opportunity. Dan finds great joy in helping people advance their career and the recruiting space is a natural fit for him. Him and his partners each have individual expertise on the industries they focus on, including placing Sales, Marketing, Accounting & Finance, and Construction. Dan, his wife and 3 children reside in Wilmette, IL just north of Chicago.


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