7: Build Value By Choice – Decision Making with Matt

How do we make better decisions? Who should we go to for advice? Are partnerships worth it? In this episode of Build Value by Choice, host Nana Bonsu is joined by Matthew Johnston, attorney and speaker on the topic of decision making to answer those questions and many more.

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Being consistent about your decision-making process can help your business grow. Inconsistent decisions will lead your business in the wrong direction. The industry leaders are the ones making smart decisions consistently.
Build a management team who provide different inputs from different points of view. For example, a lawyer, and accountant, an advisor. The larger the group of people you go to for information, the better the information you will have to make decisions with.
There doesn’t need to be a decision point to bring in an advisor. It can help to use them to develop, to learn something new. For example, if someone can help you learn marketing, you should have them on board before you need them. Looking ahead to what might come up and what you can learn to help make those decisions is a good business practice.
You can terminate someone’s contract because they refuse to be vaccinated, but you open yourself up to that being challenged and legal proceedings following.


‘If they’re making smart decisions consistently, that business will continue to grow’

‘You want to find a mentor who’s not going to tell you what to do. They’re there for input’

‘That kind of requirement is unprecedented, I’m 100% sure some employers will be challenging that’

‘A business owner who is not political, probably won’t be in business very long’






“I provide understandable, practical, and actionable legal and business advice to small and medium-sized businesses.

I am probably not a typical lawyer and mine is not your typical law firm. The Johnston Business Law Group was a virtual law firm long before anyone heard of COVID. We intentionally practice law and provide services in a way most people have never experienced with a law firm.

We only work with small to medium-sized businesses; from people with a dream and a business plan to companies who have been around for 20 years or more. Our clients include creative professionals, design and marketing agencies, physical product sales companies, medical practices, skilled trades, and many others. We provide all manner of services from registration and licensing to contract review to employment law counseling for business owners. We also work with companies to build and protect their brands and intellectual property through trademark and copyright services.

What makes us different is that we offer services subscription plans. Most of our clients pay one flat monthly fee for their legal services. We believe our clients want to pay for quality legal and business advice, not for our time.

We reject the notion of the billable hour. We reject all the negative incentives that come with a focus on counting hours and selling time.”



This show aims to serve small business owners who want to grow their businesses while reducing their own personal involvement. We do this through a combination of interviews with industry leaders, and host presentations. We are a certified value builder advisors and leverage a statistically proven methodology to help clients such as you scale or transition their business to the next chapter.

We care for our listeners and see their dreams as our own. We aim to foster a community that embraces freedom, generosity, and integrity. This is a show by entrepreneurs and business owners for entrepreneurs and business owners.



“I am an entrepreneur and ex-Corporate Executive who’s applying his experience and knowledge from working in various to pursue my passion of helping small business owners increase their choices in life by leveraging my knowledge and experience, their employees, systems and money. I help small business owners transform their business and increase value through action-oriented education and implementation of strategies and tactics to make their business sellable even if they are not planning on selling. Known for establishing an environment for personal growth and development. My multicultural background equips me with the intuitive understanding of different cultures and how they impact business owners.”

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