72: Former NFL Player Rick Elmore’s Journey From The NFL to Working in Sales in Corporate America to Founding His First Company, Simply Noted

Today on Build Value By Choice we are joined by former NFL Player Rick Elmore. We’re going to discuss his journey from the NFL to working in sales in corporate America to founding his first company, Simply Noted, a software platform for building stronger relationships between businesses and their customers using handwritten notes at scale.


  • Simply Noted is a platform that makes sending 1,000s real pen written notes as quick and easy as sending just 1. Rick’s goal is to make it easier for businesses to scale their personal touch.
  • Growing up, Rick always remembered hand written notes and how they added more meaning than just the words written on them. When he was in college studying marketing, a comment from his teacher on the small margins in the industry sparked a connection in his brain. This is when he decided on his future career path. 
  • In sales you simply have to be extroverted, if you’re not naturally an extrovert then you have to learn to be one. 
  • Simply Noted started out being financed by credit cards to where it is now making multi-millions of dollars. Rick obsessed over the details in the build up to launch so that when he did take his shot, he knew he wouldn’t miss. 


‘Businesses that are focused on relationships are more successful’

‘Relationships matter in business, they’re a great retention and acquisition tool’

‘I transferred what my coaches told me into the business world’


Simply Noted

Rick E. – Founder – Simply Noted | LinkedIn


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Rick Elmore is an entrepreneur, sales and marketing expert. As the Founder and CEO of Simply Noted, Rick developed a proprietary technology that puts real pen and ink to paper to scale handwritten communication, helping businesses of all industries scale this unique marketing platform to stand out from their competition and build meaningful relationships with clients, customers, and employees. 

Founded in 2018 and based in Tempe, Arizona, Simply Noted has grown into a thriving company with clients of various sizes across the country including in hospitality, real estate, insurance, nonprofit, franchise, B2B, and others. Rick has served as the company’s CEO since its founding, for more than three years, and has over a decade of sales and marketing industry experience.


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