8: Retaining Skilled Staff with Ray Croff

How do you locate qualified employees and how do you keep hold of skilled employees? Those are just some of the questions Nana Bonsu and this week’s guest on Build Value By Choice, Ray Croff will answer. Ray is the CEO and President of Mobius Financial Advisors, which provides Financial Planning and Business Advisory Services for Entrepreneurs and Families.

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The problem with sourcing and retaining skilled staff goes from the management of the business all the way to those valuable front-line staff. If you don’t have the ability to bring in good staff then you simply cannot expand your business. 
Even outsourcing companies are having trouble around employee retention and recruitment. 
As business owners we need to look at packages that are more than just financial benefits. Your employees have wants and needs around things like child care, travel expenses, and working remotely. 
The values of your company will attract likeminded people. If you are known as a company that is family orientated and has a great work life balance, then you will attract and be able to keep those kinds of people. 
Somebody could be courting your key employee right now so you need to do something sooner rather than later. 


‘Employees are the greatest asset in a business’ 

‘If you want a young work force, having an onsite daycare is a great strategy’ 

‘You should always have a succession plan’ 




Ray is CEO and President of Mobius Financial Advisors, which provides Financial Planning and Business Advisory Services for Entrepreneurs and Families. Before entering the Financial Services profession, he owned his own business with numerous employees, equipment, and real estate for over 15 years. Combining this invaluable experience with his financial knowledge and education makes him well suited to work with small business owners and their families.


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