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This show aims to serve small business owners who want to grow their businesses while reducing their own personal involvement. We do this through a combination of interviews with industry leaders, and host presentations. We are a certified value builder advisors and leverage a statistically proven methodology to help clients such as you scale or transition their business to the next chapter. 

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We care for our listeners and see their dreams as our own. We aim to foster a community that embraces freedom, generosity, and integrity. This is a show by entrepreneurs and business owners for entrepreneurs and business owners. We strive to overdeliver every week and look forward to engaging with you on our various platforms. You can expect to have an episode released every Wednesday at 10 AM (?). We will be sharing and discussing some of the latest cutting edge ideas and concepts that put you ahead of nonlisteners. Our 25-year background in Coaching, Management and Business Consulting, Information Technology Management enable us to intuit some of the hot button issues affect business owners.Our approach is to help the business owner see their business from an external observer perspective when it comes to where they should best focus their strategy and time to maximize value and ensure the “sellability” of their business to gain peace of mind.


A mix of me sharing my opinions and interview podcast for those business owners with $1-10M in annual revenues and who may have had the business for a while and crave freedom and independence. This show will be your weekly ace of inspiration and ideation. 


It’s important to also state what this show does not cover. We don’t cover transactions related to business brokers or Mergers and Acquisitions. Our focus is on preparing the owner for whatever option they prefer – whether it is scaling their business, selling their business, transitioning their business to their kids or to a management team.

Whether you want to sell your business, pass it down to the next generation or  or just grow the value of your business asset for the future, this podcast will equip you with ideas to capture the following outcomes and benefits:

– increase your cash flow, minimize or eliminate stressful periods of low cash flow, and increase the overall value of your company.

– increasing both the number and quality of recurring revenue streams flowing into your business.

– minimize your reliance on any one employee, customer or supplier.

– identify areas where additional training, systems or processes are needed to allow your company to operate without you.


Owners who work with us to focus on value building activities such as creating marketing funnels and branding initiatives achieve the greatest success in their entrepreneurship careers (success as defined by them). Our value add is DISCIPLINE, SELF-DISCOVERY, CLARITY. 

We work with you to protect your business against the 5 Ds – Divorce, Disability, Death, Disagreement, Disaster. 

Why you need a Coach

You, the owner, are equipped to build value. The question is are you?

Building a more valuable company will never show up as a task on your to do list. Building a valuable company is a long-term project. 


This show aims to educate and train owners to leverage their skills for activities that yield long term impact on their businesses.




I am an entreprenur and ex-Corporate Executive who’s applying his experience and knowledge from working in various to pursue my passion of helping small business owners increase their choices in life by leveraging my knowledge and experience, their employees, systems and money. I help small business owners transform their business and increase value through action-oriented education and implementation of strategies and tactics to make their business sellable even if they are not planning on selling. Known for establishing an environment for personal growth and development. My multicultural background equips me with the intuitive understanding of different cultures and how they impact business owners.

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